Outside the Castle Doors

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Outside the Castle Doors

Post  Lord Tenmashu on Sat Feb 06, 2010 6:59 pm

(In progress.)
Lord Tenmashu
Lord Tenmashu

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Re: Outside the Castle Doors

Post  mewmewkitty on Sun Feb 20, 2011 2:13 pm

Her speed was great as she was only a few feet from the Demon Lord as she looked deep inside of her, her entire body began to glow. This foe is not like a common dragon, she knew she will get injured in this fight, but she must at least try. Her first attack was a miss as he simply dodged it, as Himloth went flying into the ground behind him. She took an attack to her back that made her hiss loudly. She stood and tried once again as she called on the 4 great winds to aid her. She trapped them in the center of a tornado, to make sure he got no aid from any of his remaining forces, though this trapped her as well. The Demon Lord seemed to not be impressed by Himloth's ability. She started to chant softly in an ancient language as thunder could be heard building up with in the tornado. She was asking mother nature to strike her target down once again for her, as lightning started to strike several times towards the Demon Lord. Each strike coming closer and closer, as the Lord kept weaving and blocking it with his armor. Himloth took this to her advantage and striked out at him, covering her open hand in a layer of sharp ice. This one hit, as she drove it through his abdomen, causing him to drop. Her back being severely injured from his blow, she called off the wind and used the last bit of her energy to transport both of them to the doors of the castle. Once there she asked the nearest soldier to report that the Demon Lord is in captivity, and send a medic if one is available. She shall wait here until someone arrives, her pain will have to wait.
~~Who ever arrives will find Himloth passed out and the Demon Lord gone.~~

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