Cambione's Room

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Cambione's Room

Post  Cambione on Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:05 pm

As you walk up to Cambione's room, the door alone would have some odd alluring scent to it, also being slightly warm from just touching the doornob. Anyone could tell that it would most likely be rather warm inside just from the touch of the door. As you walk inside, the alluring scent seems to get much stronger, making any mind who doesn't have a lot of willpower want to stay, remain drawn in. You can see his king size bed enough for a few others, but it seems Cambione likes his space. The bed has curtains hanging from the sides in red color, able to be pulled to close around the whole bed if he wished privacy as he slept. The blanket looks to be of black silk along with the pillow sheets. Around the room there is two other doors, one to the left and another to the right side of his room. There is a small picture frame at the side of his bed on a table looking to be a man in goggles, trenchcoat, and a scarf covering his mouth. The man in the picture seems to be holding a desert eagle in his right hand. On the opposite side of his bed there is a chest of drawers enough for six drawers it seems. It is made of redwood. And to the wall where you come in from there is a mirror on the wall. Next to it, being parallel to the bed is a dresser with cabinets that can open and close. Inside there is a nice platform T.V. Atop the dresser a blade and it's holder sitting up as if designated to be decoration.

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