Himloth's Lair

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Himloth's Lair

Post  mewmewkitty on Tue Feb 23, 2010 3:52 pm

Set against a frozen backdrop, a chilly breeze blows through this room upon entrance. There is a great depth of snow and ice, and some areas are completely ice solid, with a constant, thick snow fall that blankets the ground through out the whole Lair. Beauty and tranquility fills this area, along with an awkward silence and peace. The snow is thick enough to where most creatures cant see past their hands, while other creatures with great perception can only see a few feet away. Even with awkward silence, there is at times a low, soft sound from in the distance of the Lair. The sound may entrance some into walking in and getting lost, others may have the will to overcome it. This is where Himloth sleeps and rests. Those with great hearing can tell the sound is a song being sung as if was sung by a heavenly wind spirit.

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