Sanutamar's hidden glen

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Sanutamar's hidden glen

Post  Sanutamar on Tue Feb 16, 2010 6:33 pm

As you walk in there are small trees that grow from the floor to the ceiling on either side of the doorway. The vines fall over to make a sort of curtain over the doorway, but they are solid unless she lets you enter. Or you cut them down. But they will attack you if you force your way in. You might as well just knock.

Across from the door when you enter is a balcony overlooking the forest, the French Doors always open to the fresh air. Looking around, the floor has a soft blanket of grass and there are a few berry bushes growing. The Queen sized bed seems to have grown out of the floor, roots coming up and back into the ground by the legs of the bed. The blanket is a deep forest green, as well as the pillow, and the sheets are an earthy brown. Trees grown around the room and there are chairs in the room to sit in also. Seeming to have grown out of the ground too.

The only Human looking part about the room is the bathroom. Green and brown tiles, but no nature touches it. Except maybe a few vases of flowers. There is also a closet in the room, with a vine locking it shut. Sanutamar is the only one allowed in for it has her clothes, but also her sword and bow and arrows.

The room shows no signs that she is a Vampire as well as an Elf.

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